The Human 2020 initiative was established to give civil society a platform and an opportunity to play an active role as individuals and organizations in ending modern day slavery. The Human 2020 initiative is an open source initiative started in 2014 for civil society, businesses, non-profit organizations, student bodies, law enforcement, and political leadership to take ownership in advancing solutions in response to the moral mandate of our generation. Together, with a shared focus on addressing the root causes of trafficking and broad basing solutions we all play a part in fulfilling the global commitment to end modern day slavery.

Who we are

We are you. We are the majority of Humanity. We are the ones on the side of Light and Truth. We have no paid staff, everyone involved around the world is a volunteer. We do not accept financial contribution. We simply request active engagement by humanity around the world to end human trafficking through intent, deed, joint activity and the implementation of solutions. We work in private, but not in the shadows.

Since Starting

Global awareness raising, supporting prevention and protection efforts. Systemic solutions incoming that will help end trafficking.

Since 2014

20 on 20

From 2014 through 2020, a global live assembly took place on the 20th of every month to pray and meditate for 20 minutes for the end of human trafficking. The foundation has been set.

Heavily Censored

Despite the work of the legacy system to resist our collective work, the Wave of Light is unstoppable and continues to grow.

All is known, all is revealed.


Since 2014 the world is now aware of the issue of human trafficking. No longer in the shadows, Light has come in the great unveiling. "We do not consent." We call for a spiritual settlement to this abuse and the collective crimes against humanity. Nothing less than a full end will satisfy the cosmic balance and the requirement of the Most High.

Focus areas

Prevention, Protection, Prosecution, Partnership, Prayer

Artists 4 Freedom

Technology on the side of good

Ending slaver money systems

Bringing in just money systems

Health system reform

Stabilizing humanity in the essentials of life: food, water, clothing, shelter, medical, energy, logistics, transportation, communications and value exchange. It's all coming.

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